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Hey all, some exciting updates to report.

The first leg of the CANDLEBOX "Lucy: 20th Anniversary Tour" is finally completed stateside. We head to South America in a few weeks to finish out, and take a much needed break over the holidays.

The new CANDLEBOX record is completed and in the mixing stage. Stopped in the studio a couple of weeks ago to lay down some last minute overdubs, and to hear Kevin knock out the last couple of songs. He killed it, everyone excited for this release. The new album comes out on March, 11 2016.

In Saint Caine news, our new EP has gone for pressing and will be released very soon. It's titled "Burn With The Gods Of The Sun", and we have some killer special guests. Our first single is the title track of the album, and features our bud Troy Sanders from MASTODON on guest vocals. To celebrate the release of the album we are doing two CD release shows. Friday, November 20th at Dingbatz in Clifton, NJ and Saturday, November 21st at Bullshooters in Northeast Philly.

Hope to see you all soon....2016 will be busy!!

Out there,


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