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Hey all, Just wanted to give an update on the progress of the new Candlebox record and some other exciting news. All of the music has been completed, and Kevin is halfway through singing on the 12 new tracks. It's sounding killer so far, and I feel that all the Candlebox fans around the world will be very happy. We've had some killer shows with some massive crowds, and are in the early stages of pulling together a world tour starting in early 2016.

In other news, I am extremely honored to announce that I am now endorsed by Gibson Guitars (a dream since I've been a kid), D'Addario Strings, and Planet Waves accessories. I would like to thank our reps at all of these top notch companies for giving me the opportunity to represent their world class products.

I'm going to do my best to start putting updates here on this blog each and every Friday.

Hope you all are doing well and thank you so much for your continued support for CANDLEBOX!!

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